Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Soul Food

We had the opportunity to see Calling Levi this past weekend in Arlington (about 1 hr south westish from us and 10 minutes from the Pages). God is sooo good to bring people into your lives just when you need them. It was so amazing just seeing them here and then having the opportunity to worship with them. Priceless. For those of you who aren't familiar with Calling Levi you need to check them out here. They have incredible vocals and a burning desire to share Jesus's love. We love their Glimpse of You CD. We are looking forward to seeing them again in January. Want to join us?

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Anonymous said...

Calling Levi is Amazing. I just got back from Chatanooga Tn. for Youth Alive and they blessed my soul. They will be playing for the new years revival that my church puts on each year at the end of Dec. We are in Willow Park Texas, if you are near the area you should definately stop by. We always have Dinamic speakers and great Worship. We have the privelage of having one of the greatest speakers in the world each and every Lords Day, Clark Bosher. Please feel free to come by any time.