Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Eggs, Bread and Autographs

What do you get when you go grocery shopping? The girls came home from Albertsons with the Cowboy Cheerleader's autographs (by the way, Rodger, we got one for you too! And they're looking forward to seeing you at "The" game next month).
Elie won a football shaped cake that we ate for dessert. Ashely wondered why we even bothered with all the hoopla when daddy cheers for the Redskins. Clearly she felt like she was somehow betraying his team. However, Gracie announced on the car ride home that she might want to be a cheerleader when she grows up. Oh boy!


Jen said...

Love it! My girls would be so psyched. They too admire cheerleaders.

Can you get a scholarship for cheerleading? That is the important question to ask!

Sue said...

Karianne, Sarah and I would probably love Texas...(football!!!) Rich, on the other hand...