Thursday, October 4, 2007

BIG things I've noticed

- The sky is really BIG here!
- Contrary to what everyone thinks, not all girls have BIG hair orBIG bxxbs here (but there is a lot of skinny blonde walking around).
- No suprise. Football is a really BIG deal here. People live and breathe it! The city of Southlake, Tx is over the top football.
- They may not be sporting "Texas" across their t-shirts (like the Delawareans (?) wear "Delaware"), but their homes scream Texas pride. They love decorating with these really BIG metal Texas stars. They also have a thing for leather couches and chairs.- Bling studded belts and purses also seem to be a BIG deal here. Are they popular where you are too? You know I'll be getting me a belt just as soon as I can find my waist! Sam Moon looks like a fun place to find these BIG deals.

1 comment:

Teri said...

I have this belt and I got it at Sam Moon! Yee Haw!