Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Bubbles and Giggles

We are having such a dreary, wet day here today I thought I'd share with you a sunny, bright spot I had the privilege of having with my friend Marianne and her son Joshua just last week.Bubbles, bubbles everywhere.
Bubbles in the air.
They were bubble making machines!
Boy in a bubble.
It must run in the family. Mama in a bubble too.
Do'in the bubble dance! Just makes me smile.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

We did it!!!

We survived the MS150! A bit stiff and somewhat saddle-sore, but with marriage intact. This years ride was definitely a challenge for me, but well worth it. With only one other MS ride under my "belt" to compare to I wasn't entirely prepared for what Texas had to throw my way. Who knew there would be so many hills? But as with life you take what comes your way and make the best of it. At least I was able to ride. So many with MS were there along the route to cheer us on and thank us for our efforts in helping them and their families. It was really quite moving at times to see their gratitude. Preliminary figures raised at this event are around $2.3 million! Thank you again for your contributions. Here are some pics from the weekend.Fresh and ready to go at the Rough Riders Stadium in Frisco, TX. Our group (the Cheesy Riders Frito Lay team) was fourth out of the chute for a 7:00 am start time. Can you tell that I'm freezing?
Scott - wondering what he'd gotten himself into. He was a powerhouse with those legs of his!
A look back at the crowd behind us. All 3,000 + of them!
A little excitement along the way as Care Flight landed right in front of us to take a rider to the hospital. We were held up for about 20 minutes as we watched the drama unfold. I later heard that a rider took a spill resulting in a broken wrist. So glad it wasn't anything worse. There seemed to be quite a few instances along the way where medical attention was needed.
Still all smiles during the lunch stop at mile 47.7 with friends Mike and Heather Merchant from our Life Group. These guys could ride and were out of sight for most of the weekend.
Day One finish line at Texas Motor Speedway mile 86.1. Just look at the wind blow the sign in the background. It never stopped!
Day Two breakfast at 6:ish something. Looking a little sun and wind burned. Knowing the saddle wasn't going to feel any too comfortable as we start our day.
Finally, the finish line at mile 160. We rode into Sundance Square in downtown Fort Worth to the sounds of a marching band and cheering crowds. I still get teared up thinking of the pure relief of making it in. Several times I had to force myself to keep going and not give up despite the head winds, hills, bike problems and 11 year old boys passing me up.
Our friends the Clarks were at the finish line to support us and cheer us in. Steve took this picture of us with Mike and Heather. I'm completely exhausted and still holding onto my bike to keep from falling over! Rolling in I said I wouldn't do it again. Now that a couple of days have gone by and I'm feeling a little more normal I'm thinking maybe... just maybe I'll do it.