Wednesday, July 30, 2008


On one of the last days we spent in Canada we went to Upper Canada Village. A very educational and interesting place. A lot of the buildings here were moved from their original locations to make way for a new waterway. Whole villages were submerged under water as a result and Upper Canada Village was preserved as a reminder.
It was incredibly hot and yet life in those days went on. These kids have all the traditional garb on. I don't know how they could stand it.
The saw mill was by far the most interesting to observe in action.A fancy lunch with the girls, Aunt Mandy and Nana.
The favorite Aunt Mandy.
Before leaving, we celebrated one more birthday. It was P-Nana's (Great Grandma) 101st birthday! This is one amazing woman! We love you P-Nana!


Bancroft is one of the prettiest places I've been to in Canada. Aunt Marie and Uncle Garry live here in their cottage year round. I think I would live here too if it weren't for those bone chilling frozen winter months they have to endure. Anyway, it's a lovely place to visit (in the summer) which is why Scott's sister Leslie and her son Max rented a cottage here for a few weeks while on vacation from New Zealand. It was a great little visit we had with everyone.

Uncle Rob, Tracey and Skyler out on the deck enjoying some bar-b-que.

Another birthday celebration with Ashely and cousin Max (any excuse for cake and ice cream).

That's Elie way out there on a dock. She's become quite the swimmer.

A little paddle boat action with the very entertaining Uncle Steve.

Not to be outdone, the girls took a spin with Aunt Leslie.

Can you canoe? Scott can. He took 3 groups of kids out around the lake.

More cousins... yay!!!! Kath and Scott surprised us all with a visit. It was so good to see them and their kids and catch up.Grandpa enjoying some quiet time.

On Stewart Lake

This is not what the lake is really called, but everyone in the Stewart family owns a cottage here so it might as well be. The views were postcard perfect.
Gracie's smiles turned into terror as Mr. Rodger whipped them around the lake. Ashley on the other hand couldn't get enough.
Daddy getting ready to show them how it's done. He held on for all it was worth too. I declined the tube, but managed to get a little skiing in.
Heather and Rocky enjoying a little boating action too.

Who's stronger? The muscle or the man with the muscles? The girls can tell you how it turned out.
Life is a little sweeter when you've got good friends to share it with.

Summer is going, going...

but before it's completely gone (and we're off on our next adventure) I wanted to give you an update and let you see what June/July looked like for our family. A beautiful time spent in Canada.

The Renfrew Men (l to r Scott, Rob, Steve, and Dad). All having a good chuckle.

The reason for all the smiles. A little B-day celebration for Skyler who turned 7.

Isabel enjoying the festivities (or rather the candy).

The girls were in water everyday. Here they are in Nana and Grandpa's pool with their big cousin Zachary.
Ashely celebrated her 7th b-day while we were there too. Here she is sporting some cool High School Musical sunglasses.
Little Ray's Reptile Zoo. Some enjoyed it more than others... Definitely a hands on, close-up and personal type of place. (Just in case you're wonder... Nana passed on this hands on experience.)
A Yellow Banana Boa Constrictor. Nobody was harmed in the taking of this picture.
I've decided this should be our next pet. It's a Bearded Dragon and they're the craziest little things ever. I'm just not sure I could handle feeding it the live crickets they eat. I'll update you if it really happens.