Friday, September 14, 2007

Toe Woes

Yep! I broke a toe... Yesterday, I was skirting around the dog with the big conehead and caught the couch. (Ouch!) With a little limp it got me out of making dinner last night and we went out to Braums (sort of like a Friendly's, but with grocery items). I don't think it's going to slow me down too much. I was able to navigate around Target just fine after dropping the girls off at school today!

Thursday, September 13, 2007


Several people warned me that if I didn't currently suffer from allergies that I soon would living in Texas. Secretly, I like to think that I have some kind of super human powers against alergens. My dear Scott suffers terribly and is miserable during allergy season. We've lived in some of the worst states for allergies and so far I think I've been able to deflect all pollen floating my way. What I wasn't prepared for was this...
It turns out Dakota is highly allergic to Ragweed! I thought something must have bitten her on her left cheek. We noticed an infected area the size of a quarter on Monday night. Tuesday it doubled in size and she wouldn't leave it alone (too gross to show you). So I took her to the vet yesterday (afraid she was dying - of course!). Apparently, this is quite common here in Texas and the vet sees it all the time. It's called a "hot spot" and I'm now more informed than I wish to be. I have to administer twice daily antibiotics, steroids and a liquid type band aid to help with the healing. Poor girl had to have her cheek shaved! I'll probably have to routinely give her benadryl and if that doesn't help the vet will refer us to a dermatologist - - for dogs!!! Ha! Who knew? I just hope I can avoid having to wear "the collar" if I develop allergies.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Giddy Up

When our realtor isn't busy showing us houses, she's busy showing her horse, Lorenzo.

We Love School!!!

Anderson Elementary just got bigger! Elie, Gracie and Ashely attended their first day of public school on Friday. Despite some first day jitters they were all excited to go to school. Isabel, not sure how her day would go without any sisters around, announced that I could be her sister when we got back home! Boy was it ever a quiet day! The school encourages parents to attend the morning song, pledge of allegiance and pledge to Texas and finally announcements before kids are dismissed to their classes. They also like parents to join their kids for lunch! Imagine that. I spent all day every day with them at home doing school and now I can spend all day with them at public school! I think I might be too busy being a "sister" to Isabel at home for awhile before becoming a daily fixture in the public school system.

Friday, September 7, 2007

Cha Cha Changin'

The scenery was constantly changing as we drove through Delaware, Maryland, Virginia (who knew it was so big?), Tennessee, Arkansas and finally Texas. It went from tall cliffs and mountains to complete flatness from Tenn to Ark. Much of the drive was a blur as I was on automatic pilot after the first few hours. (About 23 hours total!) This was my view of the trip. Keeping a close tail on big blue!

The girls did great and kept themselves occupied the whole way with their cool travel bags (Thanks Ann!)
They even made some new friends. Isabel with Joshua (the Pitchford's LCB) at a stopover in Texarkana.
The girls with the Clark kids, Jessie and Matt (at our apartment in Plano).
We are grateful for a safe trip and realize this is the first of many changes to come our way. One of the biggest changes for the girls happened today, but I'll post more about that later.