Thursday, September 13, 2007


Several people warned me that if I didn't currently suffer from allergies that I soon would living in Texas. Secretly, I like to think that I have some kind of super human powers against alergens. My dear Scott suffers terribly and is miserable during allergy season. We've lived in some of the worst states for allergies and so far I think I've been able to deflect all pollen floating my way. What I wasn't prepared for was this...
It turns out Dakota is highly allergic to Ragweed! I thought something must have bitten her on her left cheek. We noticed an infected area the size of a quarter on Monday night. Tuesday it doubled in size and she wouldn't leave it alone (too gross to show you). So I took her to the vet yesterday (afraid she was dying - of course!). Apparently, this is quite common here in Texas and the vet sees it all the time. It's called a "hot spot" and I'm now more informed than I wish to be. I have to administer twice daily antibiotics, steroids and a liquid type band aid to help with the healing. Poor girl had to have her cheek shaved! I'll probably have to routinely give her benadryl and if that doesn't help the vet will refer us to a dermatologist - - for dogs!!! Ha! Who knew? I just hope I can avoid having to wear "the collar" if I develop allergies.

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