Friday, August 24, 2007

5 Days and Counting...

In 5 days we'll be moving to our new digs. To see more click here and then check out the photo gallery. It looks like it's going to be a real hardship. We'll be here for a month or so until the details on our house are sorted out and we find a new place. I don't think the girls will be in a big hurry to leave though.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Bike to the Bay

I should be training for this upcoming 150 mile ride to benefit those with MS... Marlene (on the left) talked me into this last year and the deal was that we would participate in it together every year. We even blinged (?) out our jerseys with sequins and gems for the event (part of the training program ya know). It gave us a huge advantage over the more experienced riders as we were able to temporarily blind them with the brilliant light reflecting off our shirts and gain a couple of feet on them. The major accomplishment (besides raising funds) was crossing the finish line. We did it! This year I won't be riding with my friend or the crazy Cyc-O Team, but Marlene is going for it!!! If you supported me last year, please consider supporting Marlene this year. It's for a great cause and I think we all probably know someone who suffers from MS. Click here. It's tax deductible!

Monday, August 20, 2007

Sunday, August 19, 2007

A Cereus Party!

The two years that we have lived next to my most amazing neighbor Adrienne, she has hosted a Cereus Party. (And yes, I know how to spell serious!) You can't plan this event in advance. It's completely up to mother nature, but when it happens... oh, boy! The most amazing event takes place. This gangly, unruly (truly, ugly plant) produces the most magnificent bloom you will ever have the opportunity to see. It gives off the most intoxicating, heady frangrance too. (Can you tell I'm into this?) The catch? It only happens once! By morning the bloom is spent. The party starts around 8 pm and lasts until midnight. During this time you actually see this flower bloom. In it's full glory it's about 8" across. Truly amazing! The best part? I have been entrusted with a cutting that I will carefully transport on our move to Texas. You will always be thought of Adrienne when we gather around our own plant to watch the miracle unfold. Anybody up for a Cereus Party?

Saturday, August 18, 2007

It's not Goodbye... It's Happy Birthday!

Leave it up to these incredibly talented girlfriends to throw me a suprise Birthday Party instead of a Goodbye Party. Let me tell you they were all geared up for the Big Blowout Bash and had a list of friends and neighbors a yard long, but I couldn't do it. Saying 'goodbye' is hard enough and there's just not enough tissues in the world. You get me girls. I love you so much! It was a festive evening, even if we were in denial. Yes, tissues were still very much needed, but scrumptious cupcakes from here definelty helped! sniff! I will miss you so much!

Birthday Bloggin

How cool is this? Another year older (and wiser?) I hope this helps "y'all" keep track of what were up to as we head back west on a new family adventure. Maybe you'll even be inspired to start one yourself! I'd love to read it!