Saturday, August 18, 2007

It's not Goodbye... It's Happy Birthday!

Leave it up to these incredibly talented girlfriends to throw me a suprise Birthday Party instead of a Goodbye Party. Let me tell you they were all geared up for the Big Blowout Bash and had a list of friends and neighbors a yard long, but I couldn't do it. Saying 'goodbye' is hard enough and there's just not enough tissues in the world. You get me girls. I love you so much! It was a festive evening, even if we were in denial. Yes, tissues were still very much needed, but scrumptious cupcakes from here definelty helped! sniff! I will miss you so much!


Debbie said...

Happy Late Birthday welcome to the 41 club.
Where are you moving???
Debbie in San Diego remember me???

ginger said...

Debbie who? Belated B-day wishes to you too! We're moving to DFW area... about 3.5 hours from Teri! Where's your blog???? ~ g

Debbie said...

Ha ha Remember the former Deyoung now mother of two driving teenagers I have grey hair!!
Is Teri back in Texas??
Last I heard she was in orlando...
Why the move??? I would love to come visit some day love shopping in Texas!!!! take care-Deb