Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Bike to the Bay

I should be training for this upcoming 150 mile ride to benefit those with MS... Marlene (on the left) talked me into this last year and the deal was that we would participate in it together every year. We even blinged (?) out our jerseys with sequins and gems for the event (part of the training program ya know). It gave us a huge advantage over the more experienced riders as we were able to temporarily blind them with the brilliant light reflecting off our shirts and gain a couple of feet on them. The major accomplishment (besides raising funds) was crossing the finish line. We did it! This year I won't be riding with my friend or the crazy Cyc-O Team, but Marlene is going for it!!! If you supported me last year, please consider supporting Marlene this year. It's for a great cause and I think we all probably know someone who suffers from MS. Click here. It's tax deductible!


Teri said...

I can't believe you ride! I started riding 4 years ago when I did my first triathlon. I haven't really done anything over 35 miles, but I would love to do a century ride or the MS150!!! Maybe....we could do something together!

ginger said...

No Way!!! You do triathlons??? Get out! You are such a stud! I'd love to ride with you.

Teri said...

Welcome to Texas Y'all! I am so glad to hear that you are safe and well. Your girls are precious. How do they like Texas so far?