Thursday, October 18, 2007

A Glimpse Into Our Future?

We got a knock on our door yesterday which rarely (if ever) happens. I looked out the peep hole and couldn't see anyone so I opened the door (ya, I know). There stood a little boy who he said just wanted to introduce himself. It went something like this. "Hi, my name is Nicholas and um... I go to the same school with Elie... and um... I um, well... I like her." Long pause on my part... How does one respond to something like this? I was caught completely off guard. After all, I was hoping for the UPS man not a bold 4th grade boy with a crush. I simply said "Oh" and asked if he came to see Elie. He said no and went on to tell me he wasn't in the same class (he's in Ms. Parker's class) and what apartment he lives in. Is this typical these days? I would have loved to see Scott open the door on this one. Can you imagine???

It was just as well that Elie didn't come to the door. She was in her room crying because she had over-heard me talking to our realtor. It looks like our offer is going to go through on a home. It's the fourth offer we've made on a house so it would be really nice if this was the one. I'm not sending out change of address cards yet... there are far too many details that need to be worked out first. The relocation company that we've been dealing with is trying their hardest to see that we are not relocated (at least not smoothly anyway). Even though the home is only a couple of blocks from our current location, the girls will have to change schools. Something they have prayed hard would not happen. Here are some pics. I'll keep you all posted on the final outcome. Thank you for your prayers that all will work out despite the obstacles.


I'm Haley said...

that is too ridiculously adorable!

Marilyn said...

The house looks very nice! The refrigerator is just like mine! Hope everything goes smoothly and the girls get to stay in the same school. God's timing is not God's denial.