Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Teacher gifts

I don't help out in the girl's classes like a lot of the other moms do so I feel like I make up for it with the occasional treat. I made these fabric fortune cookies (tutorial found at Brassy Apple) for St. Patrick's Day. They were super fast and easy to put together. I know... Fortune Cookie and St. Patrick's Day? Hey, they're green and I put an Irish proverb in each one. Plus, I piled some mint patties in the bottom of each container with the cookie on top. It works! Don't you think?
I got a little carried away and made a bunch of them! I plan on putting these out on the table on the 17th. It will create some good conversation with the kids as we try and explain what the meaning of some of the proverbs are. For example The tongue ties knots that the teeth can't loosen. They each have a different saying. Aside from buying green MnM's, I never celebrate this holiday, but it looks like I am this year. My inlaws will be here and we're having our neighbors over for dinner (you know the food thing always stresses me out). What to serve? Cornbeef and cabbage? Do people really it that? Is it any good? Please give me your suggestions. The full menu would be nice.


Marianne said...

YOU, my friend are out of control with that craftiness of yours!!! Who KNEW!!?? I love both ideas! Too cool!

Jen said...

Love this idea. maybe by next St. Pat's I'll know how to sew. Right now I am placing orders with my mom of what to make us! :) lol

ginger said...

Hey Jen! You can do this! It's a no sewing required craft! And depending on the fabric you use, you can make them for just about any event. I'd love to see what your mom comes up with next.