Sunday, March 2, 2008

Party Fun

2 1/2 months of party planning paid off! With her husband's blessing and $$ I have been in high party gear since December prepping and planning for Mari's 50th Surprise Party. It was a lot of work and sneakiness, but well worth it. Mari blesses the socks off everyone she knows and it was finally her turn to be on the receiving end.

Every pampered birthday girl needs her own monogrammed Spa Robe!

I made fancy spa slippers and comfort warmers and included yummy soap in the Gift Bags.

Guest made there own bath salts from the recipes provided. What an indulgence!

Spa Water

A big shout out to those of you who helped me throw the Birthday Girl off the trail by responding to my fake party invite. She was completely surprised. Yeah!

In the end it was Mari's dear friends who flew in for the special occasion that really made the day!


Chandler said...

ok, seriously---you should just go into party planning full time!! Everything looks SO fabulous!! What a great way to honor such a dear friend!!!

ginger said...

Thanks Chand! But my party partner lives too many miles away!!!! Are you heading south anytime soon?

Jen said...

um, please don't post stuff like that, it makes us "other " moms look bad :(

Anonymous said...

with 4 girls where do you find time for this? i could sell your fortune cookies here! glad all well. anyway, max has been going on and on for the past year about his 'cousins' and photos are wearing thin so have decided to bring him to canada for 2+ months mid june. renting a lakeside cottage by marie and gary for 2 mos then mucking about a bit elsewhere on way back to nz. aunt marie says you will be in canada with girls in july - poss to get together? would you come tp bancroft and stay with us for a bit? if you could somehow send me your tel no. will ring.

Anonymous said...

ok. i dont know how to do this! since that tactic actually posted the message will add as contact and hope noone untoward finds it