Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Spring Break '08

Nana and Grandpa flew out of the snowy north to enjoy Spring Break with us. Here are a few of the highlights.

A day at the Dallas Arboretum. They say they have the most tulips outside of Holland. They were in full bloom when we got there. So beautiful!
We drove to San Antonio (about 5 hours away) to spend a few days. The flowers you see in this pic are bougainvilleas. Growing up, my parents had a bush that vined itself up the side of the chimney all the way up to the roof top.
Dining alfresco with a little entertainment from the Mariachi Band. Here's a travel tip for you. Make sure you're sitting under the protection of an umbrella while eating along the Riverwalk. The birds have pretty good aim!
One of the many bridges spanning the canal at the Riverwalk.
The famous Alamo.
On our way home, we stopped for a little animal action at the Wildlife Ranch.
Zebra waiting for a handout.
I was a little (ok, a lot!) surprised when this fellow stuck his inquisitive head in the window. I'm not sure what he would've done, but I snapped the photo and put the window up in a hurry!

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Chandler said...

Ginger--I'm glad to see that the Dallas arboretum got a second chance!! (Was the worlds largest cocoa tree still there??) :)

It looks GORGEOUS in TX...meanwhile, it snowed on easter here in Louisville and can't decide if it's winter or spring...COME ON SPRING!! :)

Have a GREAT week!! missing you guys!