Thursday, June 19, 2008

Paws in The City

We attended a charity event this past weekend to benefit the stray animal population in the Dallas area. No really... we did (stop snickering!). It's a project the Clarks have been involved with for several years now and they were a sponsor of this year's celebrity studded event. (Ok, I was shocked Scott wanted to go too). Another couple that went with us and have been to our house several times was surprised to learn that we even owned a dog!
Anyway, I wish I had been brave enough to take more pictures. You would have been amazed at the sights! Forget about the dogs, this was all about the people watching. If you were into football players and soap opera stars I would dazzle you with some of the names that attended, but quite frankly I really don't give a hoot about celebs and was content just gaping wide eyed at all the plastic surgery that adorned the masses. One lady sitting at our table literally could not blink or smile for all the botox she must have had done recently. The folks in the line-up of the above pic just completed entertaining us with a Dancing with the Stars performance.
Our generous friends Mari and Steve. I hope they invite me next year...

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