Thursday, June 19, 2008

Good Bye Gifts

We made aprons as parting gifts for the girl's teachers. Each girl picked out an apron and added their handiwork. Gracie sewed a pocket and placed it just so on her teacher's apron. Elie sewed the entire waistband on hers and did a fantastic job with all the straight lines and Ashley sewed a pocket onto her apron and made sure the placement was perfect. They were all excited to present these to their teachers with the added pride of having been involved with the process. It was also a great way to kick start the sewing lessons I have planned for them this summer (when we can fit it in). The girls also included a recipe card with each apron. They came up with all the attributes and measurements. Too cute!

Recipe for a Great Teacher

3 cups Encouragement
2 cups Knowledge
1 cup Caring
½ cup Good Communication
2 tbsp Respect
½ tsp Flexibility
1bunch Humor
A dash of Silliness
Add a whole lot of Patience

Simmer all the above in a classroom of eager students and the results are a memorable first year with a teacher I’ll never forget.

Thank you for adding all the right ingredients to help me become who I am today.

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