Thursday, April 10, 2008

Straight-Line Winds?

Apparently, we had some Straight-Line Winds hit us. We woke around 4 in the morning to alarming amounts of noise. Everything seemed to be in motion as high winds were bearing down on us. When we lived in Tulsa, I was always told that if the sky turned green, you had better find the nearest ditch because a tornado was about to hit... well the sky was definitely green and lightening was striking non-stop. We scrambled to get the girls and hid out in the downstairs powder room until things calmed down a bit. The girls have all had a lesson from school on what you should do in this situation so although they were scared they knew we had picked the safest location in the house. Later, the girls said they could feel their beds moving! We came through unscathed, but our neighborhood was littered with sections of fencing, roof shingles and trees were split or toppled right and left (much like the pictures you see above). A trampoline flew out of someone's backyard and landed three houses away on top of a truck. Some of the schools were closed because they hadn't regained power, but my friend's son went to his school with a partial roof missing and windows blown in. No t.v. is the only inconvenience we have as the dish detached itself. The soonest it can be repaired is the 18th. Can anyone suggest some good reading material? Oh btw, these pictures were submitted to a local radio station at by some of their listeners of the sights around town. Amazing!

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