Friday, January 16, 2009

It's a Good Thing

We've been talking to the girls about sponsoring a child and so as part of their Christmas gift this year we sat down around the computer and chose a little girl together.  Where do you even begin when selecting a child who's life will hopefully improve just a tiny bit by your contribution?  There are so many wanting and needing just a little love in their lives. To avoid spending hours scrolling through the hundreds of pictures available for you to look at and agonize over we decided beforehand the location, girl or boy and age range.  From there we looked at the kids who had been on the waiting list the longest and seemed to have the most difficult family situation. 
Welcome Milenka into our lives... she's 7 years old (turning 8 next month) and she lives in Bolivia.  The girls have endless questions about her and what it's like where she lives. They have also been very mindful to lift her up in prayer every night - specifically that her tummy is full and that she gets to go to school.  I think this experience will be a very good thing for our family.

If you are interested in sponsoring a child I would highly recommend it. Compassion International is just one place to start.

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