Tuesday, September 30, 2008

End of Summer Campout

Some families from our Life Group went to Camp Grady Spruce for a little retreat. It was fun getting to know everyone a little better and the girls had a blast with all the activities.

Here we are waiting for our Trail Guides to tell us how to ride a horse.
All one really needed to do was sit on it. They were pretty much on auto pilot which was perfect for the kiddos!
A tranquil canoe outing...
Everyone was actually plotting...
Canoe wars soon ensued. I had to put the camera away as there was too much boat bashing and water splashing going on.
The girls wanted to do it all. Here they're trying to get the hang of the bow and arrow.
The men took this way too serious.
On to the rifle range -- with REAL bullets!
That's me and Scott showing everyone how it's done. Can you guess who had the highest marks?
A relaxing boat trip around the lake soon turned into a boat fixit trip.
Thanks to my engineering husband we were soon on our way.
A little church alfresco before heading home. Can't wait for our next outing.

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