Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Crazy Days!

Thought I'd just post some pics since I'm so far behind in updating y'all!

Gracie in a school musical. She was so excited and the best rose in the bunch!
A little Halloween preparation underway. Is this how everyone else carves their pumpkins?
Well, 3 out of 4 potential smiles isn't so bad.
Cowgirls, Indians, a Firefighter and Bride - - oh my! Fun was had by all.
The house is coming together. Most of the pictures are hung. We are looking forward to our 3rd set of guests arriving for a long weekend visit. Not bad considering we've only been in the house for 3 1/2 weeks! Must be my awesome cooking - ha ha! I'm off to find a place to cut my hair. I haven't had it cut since June! (Self inflicted cuts don't count). Wish me well.

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Katy said...

The more I look at the pictures of your girls, the more I miss you folks! But, the encouraging thing is they all look so happy! That tells me that you and Scott are doing something right to make this move a good thing for your family! Stay happy and enjoy life. They will be grown and off on their own before you blink an eye!